Three Months At Urban Eats

Thomas would like to thank Urban Eats for agreeing to host his art for the months of April, May and June of 2018.

Feel free to stop by 3301 Meramec during business hours through these months to enjoy Thomas’ unique paintings.

There are three receptions planned, one for each month of paintings, at Urban Eats. More information about this events is available at their Facebook Event Pages:

4/27 6-8 PM

5/18 6-8 PM

6/15 6-8 PM

Thomas Park’s Legacy Page

In 2018, Thomas Park became interested in creating his own legacy– and perhaps, in creating legacies for others.

He saw the internet, and especially the Internet Archive, as a great resource for preserving and providing access to culture.

Thomas wanted to suggest that those who want to create their own legacies, can and should do so– that by assembling and posting documents, videos, photographs, and audio, people can share memories for those coming after.

Anyone interested in discussing this idea with Thomas may contact him at mystifiedthomas (at) gmail (dot) com.

For now, this is Thomas Park’s first personal legacy page– his own.

Thomas wanted to add that, in February of 2018, he suffers from no known immediate threats to his life or well-being. That being said, a person never knows when God will take them:

Invitation To Interactive Project

OPEN INVITATION: A friend inspired me to come up with an interactive project. I invite people to come to my image collection (all are public domain): . Choose an image or a series of them, especially the kinds with symbols. I would like you to leave a review of the image(s) with your interpretations of what they mean. This could be literal, figurative, or whatever you like. At some point, perhaps I can share the reviewed images with their comments, just for fun.